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Buying the Best Action Camera is a challenging task, especially when you have no prior experience in buying video cameras and equipment.

There are a wide variety of Top-Rated Action Cameras available in the market, all for different purposes as these are made for different use scenario. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and while they all have the same core functionality—capturing photos and videos—they have varying and sometimes quite unique features that set them apart.

For examples, some are waterproof by default, while for others, you have to buy extra cases. Some allow you to live stream and there are cameras, which comes with remote control watch so you can create better shots.

Action cameras out there in the market comes with all sort of features, there are one’s which you can mount on your helmet or on your bicycle, some have built in waterproof system, others allow you to record in 4K and also live stream. All of this makes the buying decision quite complicated.


The Action Cam reviews will display the top performing models that are available int he market to help you slect the Best Action Camera 2015 for your next adventure and trip. Action Cameras also make a great gift so if you are looking forward to buying one for your family member or friend, this is the right place to be at.

We would either suggest Go Pro 4 if you are looking for the best action cameras as they have all the latest features one could ask for in an action camera these days. While GoPro is certainly the dominant action camera, there are plenty of GoPro alternatives to choose from which offer great value for money. We’ve listed a few great ones below.

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Our Top Picks of Best Action Cameras

We get asked all the time, “What is the Best Action Camera?“. The honest answer is that we cannot award a clear winner because, it clearly depends on your requirements and what best suits your needs. There are people who want to buy the popular brand only, and there are people who give more importance to things like picture quality, stabilization, battery life, waterproofing and then is a group of people looking for entry level models only to get their journey started.

Below we’ve handpicked best action cameras that are picked from a) Popular Choice b) Best in Features c) Budget Friendly/Entry-Level. You can review these action cameras below. If you are looking for an in-depth comparison, head over to our Action Camera Comparison Guide where we’ve rated them by features.

This is a very detailed guide so make the full use of it. Don’t hesitate to read all reviews posted here before making your decision. Now let’s take a look at the Action Camera Reviews below.

Best Action Camera by Popular Choice


The GoPro is arguably the market leader in action sports cameras. One of the huge contributing factors to this is that there are just so many accessories available for the GoPro. They’ve done a great job by taking a box the size of a Tic Tac Chewing gum and making a remarkable camera which is being used by professionals around the world.

The GoPro Hero4 Black is the latest addition to the line of action cameras produced by GoPro, and this is costs the most of all the lot but also packs some impressive features, which are hard to find elsewhere.

Product Specifications:GoPro Hero 4 Black

  • Manufacturer: GoPro
  • Video: Up to 3840×2160 Resolution 4K Recording, 1080p & 720p HD Video.
  • Photo: 12 MP, Wide (Field of View), up to 30 Photos per second in burst mode.
  • Time Lapse: Yes, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds
  • LCD: Yes
  • Battery: Up to 2.5 Hours (depending on the settings)
  • Storage: MicroSD up to 64 GB

The Hero4 Black is the flagship camera of GoPro targeted at pros who want the best quality video in 4K from an action camera. It is simple, compact yet extremely impressive and is the reason why it made it to the Best Camera by Popular Choice endorsed by Professionals both Athletes and Videographers.

  • The GoPro Hero4 Black shoots 4K videos along with 1080p and 720p resolution.
  • You can shoot both buttery smooth SLO-MO Videos and breath taking timelapses (both day and night).
  • A Wide range of mounting options available from GoPro and third-party manufacturers which means you can use it literally anywhere, even on a F-16 (Youtube it 😉 ).

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Best Action Camera by Editor's Choice

2. Garmin Virb Elite

If you don’t make your purchase decisions by peer pressure than you definitely need to check out Garmin Virb Elite. It is by far the best featured camera and costs significantly less than the Go Pro.

Garmin has made actions cameras before, but the Virb Elite is the best camera out there and is the reason why it made it here as Editor’s Choice Action Camera.

Product Specifications:Garmin Virb Elite

  • Manufacturer: Garmin
  • Video: TRUE HD 1080p 1920 × 1080; 30 fps960p, and 720p.
  • Photo: 16 MP 4664×3496,  up to 10 Photos per second in burst mode.
  • Time Lapse: Yes, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, and 60 seconds.
  • LCD: Yes, 1.4″ screen.
  • Battery: Up to 3 Hours with 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery.
  • Storage: MicroSD up to 64 GB.

Now, on the paper there seems to be a slight difference but when you compare it with the overall package and price point, the Garmin Virb Elite wins our vote. If you are into action sports then you must check out the features which they offer in their flagship action camera.

  • Virb records True HD videos at 080p and 720p resolution, and also offers slow motion recording at 120fps.
  • It has a WideVü lens (Wide Angle Lens) but what makes it better is that it has digital image stabilization which GoPro doesn’t.
  • For action seekers, the good news is that it is IPX7 water resistent and has GPS, Wi-Fi, Accelerometer, and Altimeter.
  • With ANT+ sensors, you can see how fast your heart was beating and at what speed which is amazing.

What that being said, make sure to check out the link below to get Garmin Virb Elite.

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Best Entry-Level Budget Action Camera under $100

2. SJCAM SJ4000

If you are just starting out and worried about emptying your pocket on the hefty priced GoPro, then the SJ4000 is a perfect alternative that will do what it is supposed to do.

It costs three times less and is an alternative, so there will be some issues like low light performance and what not but with all that, it is still the best under $100 camera and a great alternative to GoPro.

Product Specifications:SJCAM SJ4000

  • Manufacturer: SJCam
  • Video:  1080p 1920 × 1080; 30 fps, 720p, and VGA.
  • Photo: 12 MP
  • Time Lapse: Yes
  • LCD: Yes, 1.5″ screen.
  • Battery: Up to 70 minutes with 900 MAH battery.
  • Storage: MicroSD up to 32 GB.

If you go the market looking for GoPro alternative, there are a lot to choose from e.g Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Garmin, and even HTC. But they’re all priced above $200, and that is why the SJ4000 wins the award for a good budget action camera that is just under $100 and is a great place to get started. Check out some features below and make sure to click the blue button below to get best price.

  • The SJCam SJ4000 records at Full HD 1080p and 720p resolution which means you’ll get crisp and sharp footage.
  • It has a 170° wide angle lens for superb POV.
  • It has 12 MP Camera so you can get great photos even on a cloudy day, the result is great.
  • As a budget action camera, you get a lot more accessories in the package which includes a Waterproof Case, USB Cable, Charger, Screws & Scew Tools, Helmet Mount, Helmet Belt, Handlebar Seatpost Mount and a Makibes Cloth.

It does not has the bells and whistles like Garmin or 4K recording, but as an action camera, it does what it is supposed to do and that is, shoot HD Video, a Wide Angle lens and overall a great bargain.

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Best Action Cameras like GoPro and Garmin are preferred by enthusiasts and professionals but there are options which are affordable like we included above.

GoPro isn’t the only manufacturer out there, even though it is the best, there are other great options too, which is why we’ve made this action cameras review guide.

We’ve spent hours researching and reviewing which action cameras are the best and rate them on our reviews section. We’ve also categorized them by use e.g for Skiing, Underwater use or cycling and also by price.

We also compiled a helpful Top Rated Action Camera comparison guide which is a great place to see how the best action cameras in the market stand against each other.

We hope that you found this guide on “The Best Action Cameras”. To pick a clear winner is a difficult task, but you can use this guide to understand and explore more options . Feel free to drop your comments, suggestions and opinions about this site and your favorite action camera in the comment section below.

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    What about Drift? My friend uses Stealth 2 on the helmet and he’s so satisfied with it. For me it looks more as an action camera. Doesn’t resemble a cube, but it’s rather aerodynamic. What do you think about this device?

    • Reply salmaanaslam August 25, 2015 at 2:02 pm

      Hi Edlund, Stealth 2 is a good action camera and definitely more aerodynamic than the GoPro. This is the reason why we favor cameras like iOn and Contour for their bullet like design.

  2. Reply Sidd Finch September 5, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    What about the camera ecosystem? Some cameras appear to be inexpensive but then you have to buy the cases and mounts separate, that can be a significant cost to an “inexpensive” camera. I think that should be factored into the review.

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